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On you Marks! Get set! frank!

On you Marks! Get set! frank!

Posted by Royal Mail on 12th Oct 2017

Mail Marks

The Royal Mail's new technology the Mailmark next generation of franking machine mail.

Mailmark barcodes provide an extra dimension of information:

  • Where's my mail and when it's going out for delivery.
  • Accurate predictions of mail landing allow flexing of resource in your contact and marketing teams.
  • Online, custom reporting so that you can see the status of your mail and the quality of your address data.

How it works

As your mail is produced, a Mailmark is added. Your Royal Mail account manager can show you how. Your mail's details are then added to an e-manifest (an electronic list of your consignments). That gets sent to us at Royal Mail. As your mail rolls through our system, we read the barcodes, generating a personal report which you can check online to check exactly what's happening with your mail.